Whether you are raising money for a school, sports team, charitable group, or community organization, Country Kids Popcorn is happy to help.

We have helped schools, sports teams and other organizations raise funds in a fun and delicious way with our premium artesian popcorn.

We make it incredibly easy to have a successful and simple fundraising event. To get your fundraiser popping, email us today at

Fundraising Details

Our goal is to make your popcorn fundraiser as simple, easy, and fun as possible. We have just a few specific details that are important to know to ensure that your fundraising runs smoothly.

    • Available Products We make all of our delicious products eligible for your popcorn fundraiser. You can choose specific items to simplify or have them order direct from the store for any product. No matter what your choose, your fundraising will be fun and profitable.

    • Your Share of Proceeds For anything that is ordered within your fundraiser, you will receive 15% of the listed product price. For example, if a customer purchased $24 worth of product, the amount that your fundraiser will receive is $3.60. Multiply that by 500 orders and you are on your way to a successful fundraiser.

    • Promo Code We will provide a promotion code for your fundraiser that your participants will need to use when ordering. This promo code designates that all appropriate popcorn purchases will be set aside for your fundraiser, rather than being processed as a normal order.

    • Fundraiser Duration You decide how long you want your fundraiser to run between 2-4 weeks. The promo code that you receive for fundraising orders will remain valid until the end date, which you will set based on the specifications of your fundraiser.

    • Receiving Your Proceeds At the end of your popcorn fundraiser, we will generate a sales report identifying how much you have raised. The amount will then be sent to you by check.

    • Getting Orders Shipping or delivery options are available. You can choose either or both. Delivery happens at the end of the fundraising period; an order is placed for the entire items needed. We make, package and deliver to your location where you will distribute to your customers in whichever way you choose. Shipping option is available for online orders placed with your specific fundraising promo code and may benefit your sales by broadening your potential customer pool.

  • Blocked Out Dates We do not offer fundraising from November 15 to January 5 of any year.
Popcorn Fundraising Favors

Order Your Custom Popcorn Special Ocassion Favors





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